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Musicians, Check Your Ego at the Door

Check your ego at the door. It takes a big man to turn the other check, but it takes an even bigger man to check his ego at the door. When you place importance on your ego it can leave you stagnate and unable to grow as a person. When you have an ego it matters what others think and how they view you. Your ego will have your mind racing with insecurity when things don’t go the way you imagined. Your ego tells you, you should feel embarrassed when something goofy happens. Your ego keeps you cautious and careful not to make too many mistakes. It’s your ego that tells you you are too good to deal with adversity. But it’s adversity that shapes us. Adversity helps craft the music we write, and inspires the music we create. Look at it this way, if we didn’t experience adversity we wouldn’t know what good times felt like. Just like pressure turns coal into diamonds, adversity shapes us into knowledgable capable, experienced human beings. So remember, drop the ego, and know the best thing we can do is experiment, try new things fail and learn from our experiences.