After feeling frustrated with the process of getting rappers to rap over his beats, AhlonIsMusic did what any resourceful music producer would do, he picked up the mic and recorded raps to his own music. “My focus was music production, (as a member of The Trackuttuz) but after talking to a lot of artist about collaborating and nothing materializing, I decided that I needed to rap. So in essence me rapping was a necessity, but I love that it happened because I am having so much fun (rapping).

Ahlon’s passion with music dates back to his childhood as he remembers listening to his mothers music collection. “Man I use to go in the basement and just listen to all of her music for hours. That was a very informative time for me in my musical growth. I learned about all the classic records and labels I wanted to emulate”.That emersion into music has led him to not only write songs but produce, record and mix his own songs.

AhlonIsMusic’s first single is titled, #NoLames (in my circle), a song that explains why he doesn’t have time for “lame people” (individuals who are not sincere). “Me stepping into the vocal booth will play a major part in establishing The Trackuttuz as the go to music producers for the music industry” states Ahlon. With the release of his latest single “Can’t Be” a song that deals with sacrifice, faith and a love for hiphop, AhlonIsMusic looks to continue to shine light on his music production, as well as his ability to write songs that connect with his fans all over the world.


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My Philosophy

  • Persistence overcomes resistance.
  • My network is my net worth.
  • Where there is light darkness can not exist.

My Skill Set

Music Production 100%
Song Writing 100%
Networking 100%
Mixing 100%

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